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Just when you thought I couldn’t become any more of a map geek, I go pull something like this. is another open source, wiki style mapping project out to usher the world of skiing into convenient online map format.  It operates using OSM data, but adds a few more rendering options in the side bar such as contours and elevation shading effects (in addition to the standard MapNik and Osmarender).

The result is a wicked looking map that really brings out the feel of the traditional NTS topographic map.

OPM (viewed in Osmarender).  Pine Pass, British Columbia.  OPM does not have an export html function.


I am particularly proud of this map of Powder King that I drew over the past few days.  Missing are the new runs that were cut this past summer as  my source image is of an older date. 


The Europeans are decades ahead of North Americans in open source mapping with tags available that render just about everything (not to mention the insanely detailed osm maps they produce, seriously, go browse around Europe in OSM).  Many of these tags are compatible with Canadian map symbology.  Unfortunately, OPM  is even more of a niche past time that OSM and many the rendering tags for ski trails have yet to be converted to Canadian standards.  For example, Canadian and American ski resorts utilize green (circle), blue (square) and black (diamond) to differentiate the level of difficulty of each trail.  The map tags that can be presently rendered by MapNik and other slippy map viewers are European and designate trails differently.  An intermediate trail is coded as red, not a blue square.

Nanjing is also represented in OSM.  I was surprised at the detail (I can find my old street). but I believe most of the data was scooped from Google Maps.  It does appear that some folks are actively uploading data (could get you into trouble if you are a foreigner) as there are some traces around Xuan Wu Hu and Zijin Shan. Usernames indicate non-local mapper but the traces are dated 2007 and I don’t see anything recent (could be many others as well, I just took a quick peek at the imports).  I might trace out a few buildings for kicks next week.

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