When the weight comes down

Sometimes I’ll say the only thing I got out of grad school was 15 pounds of fat and now I’ve even lost that.  Mackenzie is lacking a lot of things…but good fitness facilities isn’t one of them. 

20361_512x288_manicured__NuNJ9p ubkKt1FQ8eZapcgThe bizarre thing about people and their new year fitness resolutions is the proportionality between the appearance new gymbeciles and the disappearance of the regular gym-ninjas.  The familiar late-morning, early-afternoon faces have all but disappeared into the expansive and at times, truly frightening metropolis of Mackenzie, BC. 

The downside of all of this shakeup is having to explain oneself once again to the often asked, but rather intrusive small-town habitual query of “oh, I’ve never seen you here before, are you new in town?  It must be cold here for you.  I bet you don’t have snow like this where you are from, eh?”  I also get this line almost every time I go for a haircut.  Guaranteed. Without fail.  

When presented with the above I generally can take three routes.  The first choice is to outright lie and say that “Yes, I am new and the weather is quite something.  We sure don’t receive snow like this in Toronto”.  This response has the added bonus of catering to local desires to be compared positively relative to larger, more important places, especially to Eastern Canadian locations or Vancouver.  It also recognizes and respects the local universal badge of honour that every locale is wetter, colder or hotter than any other and that new arrivals couldn’t possibly understand the kind of character it takes to live and work in these brutal conditions.

My second option is to deploy a smug response. “Actually, I was born here, lived eighteen solid years followed by intermittent residency over the past eleven.”

Problem with options one and two is they always inevitably lead to inconsequential gym small talk revolving around knowing so-and-so, the state the mills and which one is “hiring”.

I am fairly consistent in my use of option three. iPod ignorance.

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  1. Sara says:

    Ipod ignorance. I like it!

    I am pretty sure I would use that one on occasion if I were there in the same situation. It’s funny that people like to compare their weather conditions as though no one else would ever understand.
    Like they are somehow superior for being able to survive in such wretched conditions. Sorry people but it just means you are used to different conditions than someone else. Nothing special about that!

    Enjoy more small town observations as you implement project “Ignored by ipod”

    Take care!

    Ps. I hear that Gantahaz will soon have high speed internet! Let’s hope they can handle it!

  2. Bryan says:

    hah hah hah – yeah, apparently this Tuesday there should be relatively decent internet. It isn’t cheap, though.

  3. Kay says:

    Ha! iPod ignorance is more respectable than dashing off without noticing others that are around you…

    At least, iPod ignorance makes people think that you are ‘too busy’ to talk and allow you to do more observations. Today, one of my best friends asked me why I did not stop to say bye and just flew out the building like an arrow. It was awkward considering I did not even notice she was standing next to the door. From now on, I’ll make sure that I have my Walkman at all times. It is a better excuse than getting a lecture and replying “Oops, sorry… I really didn’t notice you….”

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