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success_babyI missed the exclusive college Facebook launch in 2004 and was relegated into the sparse hinterlands of Hi-Five, Multiply and even Friendster before being offered land in Facebook circa 2007ish.  Taking a look at the 2010 map, I see that I still have properties in Skype, the blog islands, Youtube, a vacant condo in Twitter and a considerably depreciated flat situated in the Republic of Messenger and Windows Live.  I used to have nice little place in QQ until some jerk stole it and used it as a spam restaurant (not a terrible loss).  I’ve visited a considerable number of the remaining lands although I’m quite certain I’ve never sailed into Bieber Bay or attempted to grow anything in Farmville.

I’ve known about Linkedin for some time yet felt it was rather redundant to set up shop in yet another community.  It’s already pretty easy to find Bryan Crosby on the internet, which is either a good or bad situation depending on who is looking for you.

Well, here we are…2011 and I’ve managed complete my 85% of my Linkedin profile  according to the unsolicited advice column to the right of my account manager. 

At the core Linkedin looks, walks and talks like most other online communities, except everyone wears ties.  Think the suburbs of the social media city (which I suppose makes MySpace the slums).  While it has been argued that Linkedin has morphed from a genuine ‘networking’ cafe into a last-ditch job search meat-market…I’m totally cool with that.  I’ve already received one or two job planning job opportunities thrown my way from roving headhunters.  Sure the positions were situated in the upper management exosphere and required a Saturn V rocket fueled with a mixture of several hundred thousand pounds of planning experience, guile and ruthlessness…but hey, nice to know folks are interested. 

It also came with a nifty new button for my blog (it’s the simple things).

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