Around the House – Summer 2010


Moose family on Gantahaz Road.


Morfee Mountain Summit looking East toward the Pine Pass and Powder King.  One positive of the recent recession was the make-work-project initiated to clear trash off the mountain and old vehicles from the bottom of the bowl.  People still feel the need to litter as evident by the numerous empty cans found on the way up.  A trait more characteristic of a developing country.  


Gantahaz Subdivision.  My home is down there somewhere.


Morfee Mountain ptarmigan.

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Morfee Lake perspective courtesy of a new trail created from recession make-work money.  Forget ad-hoc trail construction, this baby is professionally built and connects into the new mountain-bike park and trail system.  I wish this stuff was around when I lived town…I just had a bunch of cattle-tracks to bike on when I was growing up.  I’ve inherited my dad’s old Garmin Etrex GPS unit and have started to map out some of the trails one (possibly more on that soon).  This old yellow-clad black and white LCD beast cannot run internal maps but it seems to grab points fairly accurately.

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My brother being chased up the chair-lift by a mean black animal.  We found a couple of dollars in the hill parking lot and under the lift line.  Searching for lost money was a former childhood spring activity.

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Azouetta Lake and Murray Range.

Still no jobs or interviews.  Frustrating, which would probably explain the relative lack of blogging…I’m also quite familiar with these areas and Mackenzie life and should have more to say about them.  Often the things one is most acquainted with need less words.    

7 Responses to Around the House – Summer 2010

  1. Gord says:

    I remember the job search blues from a few years ago. Not fun. All I can say is hang in there – eventually something will come your way. In the meantime at least you get to have some fun and enjoy the great outdoors!

  2. Bita says:

    Amazing shots Brian. Made my day!

    Have you found anyone to drink with on Monday nights? That might help 😉 p.s. TransLink has posted a couple of internships.

  3. Laurie Shea says:

    HI Bryan:
    Wonderful pictures!! You really capture the essence of the moment. You have a VERY good aptitude for photography and framing tasteful, spectacular pictures!!
    All the best!!

  4. Melissa T says:

    Wow, nice shots Bryan! I am now feeling extremely homesick.

  5. Bryan says:

    @ Gord – Thanks man. Yeah, we all have to dig through this and hopefully the interviews will arrive.

    @ Bita – Yeah, I looked at the Trans-Link positions…apparently one has to be enrolled as a student (seems kind of late for student positions). What’s the water-cooler talk on planning jobs in BC? I’ve heard rumours of 300+ applicants for positions in the Lower Mainland.

    @ Laurie – Well, some of those photos received a little help from my friend “crop”. heh heh heh. My lens will vignette on the edges of any wide-angle shots.

    @ Melissa T – Morfee still works as a landscape because its largely a preserved spruce/fir mix. The pine flats are all grey deserts right now (Gantahaz etc.).

  6. Allison says:

    I love these photos! The one of the ptarmigan must have been a hard shot to get. I hope those couple of dollars were well-spent on ice cream on the drive home!

  7. Bryan says:

    I have a 18-250mm lens. I can get fairly close 🙂

    The coins were promptly returned to circulation…just doing my bit for the economy.

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