Climbs with dog

Raven is not really my dog, but we are getting to know each other quite well and she can hold her own on the mountains.


Snow patch.  One of the useful aspects of summer snow is that it creates a rather convenient bridge over alpine scrub allowing access to regions that might otherwise be painfully difficult to get to. IMGP1663

Looking down the Murray Range in the Pine Pass.  I don’t think any of these suckers even pushes 2500m and the side I was only probably is only about 2000. The Pine Pass itself is the lowest pass in British Columbia, with the summit barely reaching 900m.IMGP1668


Didn’t make it through the winter.   IMGP1677

Mackenzie is behind the range in the horizon.  This would be looking West.  Unfortunately there was quite a bit of trash up in the alpine.  I carried a fully backpack full of cans/bottles courtesy of your lazy neighborhood snowmobilers/skiers/boarders.   Folks don’t realize that the area is also used in the summer…and yes…just because it is covered by snow doesn’t mean it’s gone. 


Murray range within the Pine-Le Moray Provincial Park.  The park was created in 2001 as part of BC’s push to allocate 12% of provincial land-base as park.  To meet this goal, the Province appeared to just circle a bunch of land on the map without actually thinking very hard about what they were doing.  It’s kind of a map room park as I don’t think the boundaries have ever been laid out by a field team and the only indication that one is nearing park land are several run-down signs near a few of the trail-heads.  Apparently a management plan for the area doesn’t exist


IMGP1693 IMGP1703

This dog loves sticks…loves them.  She found this rather log-like stick on one of the snowfields and carried it all the way down to the bottom of the mountain.  Every so often she would drop it and wander down slope a dozen or so metres…only to notice that she had left it behind.  This sudden realization would send her racing back up the slope to pick it up.  She climbed the mountain twice for this stick. 

7 Responses to Climbs with dog

  1. Allison says:

    Love the photo of you and Raven! Good work on keeping our mountains clean 🙂

  2. Bryan says:

    Didn’t even scratch the surface. I ridged over beyond the rock wall and down into the Black Forest and was finding crap over there too.

  3. Allison says:

    Too bad 🙁 I don’t know how people can be so ignorant. Did you at least find any money though? And buy ice cream on the way home?

  4. you know... says:

    Does this dog have any bed-hogging, ‘pushy’ tendencies? haha j/k

  5. Bryan says:

    No money…but I wasn’t really looking…found a smashed mobile phone though.

    This dog doesn’t sleep in beds. She likes to roll around in bear droppings though…not very pleasant.

  6. Kay says:

    How heavy is that log-stick? From the last picture that you took of Raven, it looks pretty huge for a big dog.

    Should I assume Raven carried it home and it is now sitting in your backyard?

  7. Bryan says:

    Quite heavy. It’s with some other big sticks she has carried home from other adventures.

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