…this match will determine once and for all which is the greatest nation on earth: North Korea or Portugal!




North Korea vs. Portugal

21 June  8:30am (AT)

Lots floating around about North Korea’s attempt (105th in FIFA rankings) at football dominance in 2010.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the Dear Leader would be invoked as the force behind the team.

The North Korean player who scored a goal against Brazil in a World Cup match earlier this week has said his team will prove a strong contender if it fights with the "audacity of the General," regurgitating an apparatchik-like reference to leader Kim Jong-il.

I watched (about 75%) of their match with Brazil and couldn’t help but noticed the tiny red-clad DPRK cheering squad huddled together in the stands.  I assumed they were probably embassy staff. 


China’s state-run Xinhua news agency reported that the Sports Committee of North Korea distributed 1,000 tickets to a so-called "Chinese football fan volunteer army."

China didn’t qualify this year…but hey, free tickets.  I was looking for Team North Korea merchandise on the FIFA website…other than a t-shirt, there isn’t much.  I wouldn’t mind a hat…you know…for historical reasons…it’s possible they might not be around for the next cup!  There are couple I heart DPRK hats floating around 3rd party websites…going a bit far though I think.  I suspect if a white guys was spotted in the North Korean cheering section he might get a visit from some men-in-black.  

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