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tip I don’t know if it’s really worthy of blog post, yet I was recently told a very good method of handling bartenders who dish out the attitude.

The all too typical situation was buying a beer at the bar.  This assumes, of course, that guy didn’t already clandestinely take his well-deserved “tip” out of your twenty or ten already. 

Bryan “here” (handing over cash for a possibly watered-down beer)

Barkeep “$6…gee…thanks *heavily laced with sarcasm*

(The above happened at The Duke a few nights ago)

Bryan “Well, you know I was going to put a dollar down on the table… but I think I’ll keep that for myself now”. (what I should have said)

Like I’ve said before…just chuck a 20% service charge on everything.  It’s just better for everyone.

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  1. you know says:


    Although I disagree with the service charge as there’s no differentiation in payment for good or bad service. I also rarely put down 20% as a tip. But we’ve already have this conversation haha.

    • Bryan says:

      Yeah, that is the drawback regarding service charge. However, I like it because it removes the social etiquette component of tipping (which I find most annoying).

      Strangely enough, I’ve always had good service in countries where tipping is taboo.

  2. Kay says:

    Actually, I can see you saying that line… and I would laugh my head off if I ever see that happening. Interestingly enough, I rarely had issues with bartenders. I wonder what that is all about… or maybe I do not drink enough?

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