Eating Flies @ Lemoine Point

By Bryan • Kingston, photography, sports, travel • 19 Apr 2010

Kingston is experiencing some kind of fly breeding season.  Millions of these little bastards are infesting the airspaces and while they are merely a nuisance to pedestrians, they are down right nasty when you are riding.  I rode out to Lemoine Point this afternoon and came back covered head to toe in little black flies.  Riding through the swarms was like riding in a snow storm.  They get in ones eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair and into clothing.  The cover bloody everything. 

Lemoine Point is about 9km from Portsmouth Village straight down the ever so boring Front Road, although the massive housing along the way (especially near the Airport) makes for some nice residential viewing.  Fairly decent (yet limited) trail riding opportunities. 


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That second last image is actually an Xbox game I found on the shore (the CD was inside).  Probably one of the more bizarre pieces of Lake Ontario trash that washes up on the shore.  Members of the Inukshuk army  were also present guarding against any potential shoreline transgressions.

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7 Responses

  1. jonathan

    Did you keep the game? I wonder if it still works….

  2. Bryan

    Need for Speed….it was covered in flies.

    I didn’t keep it.

  3. Kay

    I have no idea where those dumb flies come from despite having no holes in my window’s screen. I have killed two since they decided to bug me in my own room.

    Speaking of flies, I assume that you have seen the ‘bugging you’ video since it was quite popular at some point in time. If not, I suppose you will have to see it:

  4. So that’s the case? Quite a revelation that is.

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