Walking: Second Class Citizen?

wanderlustI’ve was working on a brief regarding the walking/cycling school bus methodology for one of my classes when I came across this quote in one of the papers I was reading:

Despite  the  accepted  health  benefits  of  walking,  in  some Western  cities  it  has  become  an almost  counter-cultural  activity,  and  ‘a  sign  of powerlessness  or  low  status’  (Solnit  2000,  253). 

Hah hah!  I always knew there must be actual, academic evidence for this!  No longer must I merely speculate or muse regarding how I feel when I walk about Kingston’s Gardiner’s road or the highway 401 power centres

I now have a citation that conforms somewhat the laws of academia.  

Wanderlust:  A history of walkingAs suspected, it is been signed out of the library.

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