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I beat the crap out of my old Bianchi this winter.  After several months of winter riding I have no brakes that work, a busted front derailleur that barely shifts and the rear derailleur is completely stuck…meaning I’m constantly pedaling in high gear.  I rode for awhile with a braking system that hardly worked, but figured today was good a day as any to stop playing with my life.  So back the Bianchi is on its way back to its maker…Kingston’s Yellow Bike Action.

They guys at Yellow Bikes are replacing the entire gear system on my bike and revamping the brake system…cannibalized parts of course…but I don’t need the latest disc brakes for running around Kingston.

Yellow Bike Guy:  “You know, this isn’t just a small repair…it could take awhile and cost a bit”

Bryan:  “Oh…how long?  How much?”

Yellow Bike Guy:  “Probably Friday and should be about $50 dollars total”.

When I lived in Victoria I took the bike I was riding at the time into a shop for a basic tune up…which essentially accounted for nothing more than replacement of brake cables…which probably didn’t need to be replaced…I think they might have thrown in some chain oil…  All for $100…and it took me about 5 days to get my bike back.

Yellow Bikes is such a great Kingston resource.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Total cost ended up being only $30 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    Good deal! Way cheaper than the tune up I had done at Koops in PG last year. Too bad it wasn’t a franchise.

    • Bryan says:

      It’s a non-profit. Everything @ cost. They accumulate frames and other unwanted bike accessories and then built complete units out of them. A quirky place. Personally, I think they should have called themselves “Frankencycle”

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