Vancouver Twenty-Ten Finish

Since it is being compared to Paul Henderson’s 1972 goal (which is an important piece of Canadian history) it seems fitting that I should mention where I was for Sidney Crosby’s massive 2010 gold medal winning overtime goal over Team USA.

@ The Duke – Kingston, Ontario with my friends and colleagues from SURP.

We were a little preemptive with our celebrations when Team USA slammed one passed Luongo to tie it up @ 2/2 with 30 seconds left in regulation time.  That means all that is left is one 20 minute overtime followed by *gasp* a shoot-out.  Dangerous.  Nail-biting.  Our team had two unanswered goals and Team USA was clearly on fire.  I wasn’t confident.

Sidney Crosby…comes out of nowhere.

I’ve never seen a bar explode like that.

In retrospect, the little overtime plot twist added a level of great drama that made the victory even better.

To be honest, that game couldn’t have ended any other way.

I thought the closing ceremonies were quite good, although a little heavy on cheesy Canadiana and NickelbackShatner had a tough crowd, but good to see Michael J. Fox out there – he looks really good all things considered.  I’m sure that the sexy Mountie outfit will be very popular for Halloween 2010 and Alanis…wow…

I was aware that the old Soviet anthem was back in use, but the closing ceremonies was the first time that I had seen all its former glory.  Hmmm…I was half expecting the ole Hammer and Sickle move up the flag pole.

I can’t help but notice how close Sochi is to Chechnya…Vancouver thought they were going to have security issues…

I’ll admit, I was doubtful a week ago, but we managed to kick it into overdrive during the last few days and bag 13  gold and 26 medals which = an improvement on Turin and a successful team.  That said though, I still remain annoyed with Own the Podium.

Only Pyeong Chang, Munich and Annecy (France) are bidding for the 2018 Games.   I predicting a South Korea win.  Pyeong Chang made a bit for 2010 and 2014 and came close both times.   It will have been 20 years since the Winter Olympics were in Asia.  There were quite a few interested cities, including Santiago in Chile and Bursa, Turkey.

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  1. Sue says:

    Make that 14 gold :))

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