2010 Mogul Gold

One of the perks of winning some kind of Olympic hardware in Canada is a lifelong membership with either CBC or CTV as…well…a face on their coverage team.  Jean-Luc Brassard showed up during the CTV interview with Alexandre Bilodeau musing of days past (read: man, I wish I was allowed to have big air like that back in the day) and wondering if he’s going to still have a job in 2014. 

If Canada cleans up the gold medals this year and continues own with their sustainable ‘own-the-podium’ program, this might spell doom for usual given migration from gold medal champ to sports commentator.  With a continuous and growing number of gold medalists to harvest, CTV/CBC will have the option of getting picky.  Back in the day, it didn’t even take a gold medal win…good ole’ Steve Podborski got the golden handshake with just a bronze medal in 1980 (to be fair, he was the first North American to ever place at an Olympics).      

I would say that the sport of moguls sure as evolved somewhat since it debuted as a medal even @ Lillehammer in 1994.  You don’t see too many twister-twister-spreads these days.

(his run is @ the 2:50 mark…complete with a giant spread eagle)

Jean-luc still kicks ass though – I think his time was just as fast as Bilodeaus’

* I tried to find a direct link to the Bilodeaus’ gold medal run, but the IOC has been viciously ripping down any unsanctioned YouTube-type renderings.  You’ll have to go here and scroll down the ‘must-see’ category.  His first jump with the back-double full was awesome. Must see if you haven’t yet.

* direct link here

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