Google Street View

Yeah, it has been out for awhile, but in my ignorance I had no idea its saturation level into some countries, notably the USA, Japan, Australia and Europe.  I’m quite impressed. 


I’m going to use Cape Vincent as an example of some of the places Street View has documented.  Cape Vincent is in the US, just south of Kingston.  Some friends and I cycled there in October via Wolfe Island.  Cape Vincent is quite rural and while not really in the middle of nowhere, it probably won’t make the any 1000 places to see before you die lists (although it is a nice, quaint example of rural America…apparently wealthy too, I might add).

capevincent capevincent2

Canadian street penetration remains very limited.  However, if US rural coverage is any indication, in a few years one will be able to drive the Alaska Highway without ever stepping into a vehicle. 

Street View Greenland would be cool too.

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