End of the Ride…

My colleague and I gave our final presentation about Fudan University and the China exchange at noon today. I’ve never been sad after a presentation.  Usually I’m ecstatic.

Wandering Tibetan Hills In some ways, this presentation could represent the end of my China adventures…and I’m quite sad about that.  Standing up in front of the dozen or so interested SURP students, I couldn’t help but think “Man, you folks have no idea how jealous and envious I am”.  Experiencing China for the first time, perhaps going abroad for the first time, or even just going abroad for another round.  I want to be you!

Obviously there is an element of never-say-never and the fog of life tends to cast an interesting shroud over the future,  but I’m not seeing too many opportunities for international adventures in the next coming years.  There are other things I’m looking forward to, and there are also important things I’ve been neglecting in Canada, but travelling, seeing new things, and strapping on the complete freedom of a backpack was such an important part of the past years and (I could smugly argue, myself) that it…well…sucks that it could be over.

There is just something about an international life…I don’t think it is a good good long-term choice…but man…they are unique and exciting.

rat_raceLooking forward to debt, meaningless research filled with academic bureaucracy,  property payments, owning a car (ouch), general administration nonsense (fill out this, fill out that, ask permission here, ask permission there), cubicles, short-holidays, loss of mobility, 9-5, credit, discussing investments/RRSP’s while wanting to drive an ice axe into my head,  commutes, zoning by-laws…

Real life?

There are equally annoying things about life abroad too and a plethora of good reasons for being in Canada…but I don’t think I’ve ever been this nostalgic…I usually never get nostalgic.

4 Responses to End of the Ride…

  1. Sue says:

    Ah…………5 more months til my retirement!

  2. Sue says:

    Sorry – I couldn’t resist!! 😉

  3. david says:

    man, are you back to China for this presentation?

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