Industrial Cities

Sherlock Holmes has some great cg visuals of the late-nineteenth century city.  I’ve always been interested in that particular historical time period probably because the heavy mechanical stylization of the period includes the product and tech ancestors of much of the items that surround us today.   Filthy?  Unsanitary?  Absolutely.  Would I want to live that period?  Probably not.

towerHolmes taking it to crime on the top of the half-built London Bridge. tower2

However as Mr. Holmes dashes through the decrepit London brick warehouses and dockyards, I can help but think that some of those very same buildings are now the hippest, most expensive, most coveted places to live in a city.   Steam punk (love it, hate it) takes a lot of inspiration from that industrial period also seems to have more of a presence these days.  Bar 88 (the bar in Shanghai as of summer 2009) is designed in steam punk fashion…although barely anyone knows that.  Steam punk is one of those styles that everyone has probably seen before, but didn’t know that there was an actual word for it.

* update – damn Wikipedia…some interesting sub-genres of steam punk…
atompunk, biopunk, clockpunk, dieselpunk and not necessarily a derivative, but its sounds cool; the

*update II –  Stone punk, bronze punk

*update II – Steampunk pics

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