Beijing to New York on foot

Nice to see hear of folks who still carry compasses around with them when they travel.  Moscow Times:

Far East border guards have detained a Chinese man who said he was traveling to New York from China by foot, RIA-Novosti reported Thursday.

The traveler, a young man who was not identified, was expensively dressed and carried a compass, a passport and 14,000 yuan ($2,000), said Natalya Rondaleva, a spokeswoman for the Primorye branch of the border service.

Border guards detained the man on the outskirts of Dalnerechensk, a town on Russia’s border with China, and he said he had just crossed the frozen Ussuri River on the border.

Another attempt at one of the most discussed and coveted travel routes ends in failure.  Sorry, only Ewan MacGregor-types allowed.  Actually, I’ve looked into this possibility in the past as a potential “interesting path home” and several routes exist…all of which require a solid month’s salary (US$$) and quite possibly the donation of one’s life to the Alaskan King Crab feeding program.

I wonder where this fellow was planning on obtaining an American visa?  Reminds me of this Japanese guy I travelled on the Trans-Mongolian Railway in 2006 on my way to Mongolia.  His grand plan was to circle around through Siberia and drop back down into Japan via the Sakhalin Islands. He hadn’t yet obtained a Russian visa, but was surprisingly optimistic about receiving one in Ulan Bator.  Maybe visas come easily to Japanese passport holders, but getting a Russian visa anywhere is a rather obnoxious ordeal and foreign embassies Ulan Bator are notorious for their inconsistency in issuing travel visas to anyone going anywhere for any reason.

Travel visas is such areas of the world require rather extensive research…even if you are the holder of a powerful passport.  Yet it never ceases to amaze me how many people seem to think they can just waltz up to a consulate or embassy and buy one.  It isn’t Southeast Asia.   

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