Seven years of website fun! I suppose I could have waited until a 10 year operational anniversary, but…I needed a good topic for the first post of the year.

  • Connected with descendents of my Great Uncle’s Typhoon squadron

    Was provided information regarding a memorial cairn created for my Great-Uncle in France.

  • Acquired a long-term internet stalker.
  • Acquired several good friends through the website.
  • Routinely receive hits from individuals interested in the Nanjing sex industry…probably because of this post.
  • Became a whiz with WordPress and other blog related software.
  • 410 posts – over 600 pages @ 12pt. font of scribbling (as of 2008 given that WordPress no longer exports in .txt format so I can’t read as a word document) – 921 comments – about 24,000 hits – 3343 individual photos.

I spent this weekend cleaning up my gallery.  I had noticed some time ago that numerous albums were missing from the gallery, including most of my Southeast Asia, Nanjing, Slovenia, Croatia, some from Tibet and a couple of other random images.  I’ve addressed that issue and added photos from this summers escapades in Shanghai and Nanjing.  I might even add some more Canadian content (although the ole’ Pentax is still down and out…a resolution is to fix that bad-boy).   Most of those have already been posted on the main page at some point over the past six months, but they are now archived back in the gallery.  The India stuff will be in there eventually, although the trend is that I’m usually a year tagging and documenting my photos.

I’m writing this from a nice perch on the 4th floor of Stauffer Library over looking Queen’s.  I’ve vowed to spend less time in my office at SURP this year in a bid for more productivity (as much as I love the socializing, I would like to get this Master’s report done somewhat on time).  Stauffer is kind of a undergrad hang out, but the 4th floor has nice views and could be a choice location (but I’ll steer clear during the craziness of exams).

007Crappy mobile phone image (Queen’s from Stauffer Library) 

I’m clear headed and ready to dive into my final semester (hopefully) as a student. I’ve got a bike that tears up the snow, a new backpack that eats mud for breakfast and a thermos full of coffee.  Just need some new sunglasses.

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  1. Allison says:

    You mean you didn’t find any sunglasses at Costco?? 🙁

  2. Allison says:

    Dozens of sunglasses! You could break as many as you want – sounds perfect, heh heh.

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