Cambodian Restaurants in Kingston

I’ve always felt that Kingston has a rather diverse dining scene for it’s size.  A quick yellow pages survey reveals over 250 restaurants in the City leading to a ratio of about 450 people/restaurant. I have no idea if that number is high or low, or even means anything, and I’m too lazy to sort the restaurants by type…but I do know that there are five Cambodian restaurants in Kingston.  I also know (courtesy of the 2006 Kingston census Excel worksheet) that Kingston is home to only 75 Cambodians, and as such, enjoys a very high Cambodian to Cambodian restaurant ratio.

The five establishments in question do a very thorough job of covering all the major geographic places of interest in Cambodia, leaving a thin name margin for any entrepreneurs hoping to bust into Kingston apparently booming Khmer cuisine scene.

We’ve got…

Cambodian Village – representing the rural  
Cambodiana Restaurant – covers all things Cambodian
Phnom-Phenh Restaurant – I have yet to see a “Ottawa Restaurant” in my travels…but it is important that the largest restaurant receive the national capital name.
Royal Angkor Restaurant – One cannot fully cover Khmer cuisine without at least one restaurant referencing Angkor Wat.  
Siem Reap Restaurant – The obvious late-comer to the scene, having to go with Angkor Wat’s tourist city as inspiration in lieu of the great landmark itself.   
Phenom Penh (25) 
A real Phnom-Phenh Restaurant. Sihanoukville (11) 
Kingston could use a Sihanoukville Restaurant…right on Lake Ontario.

Tasty Cambodian dishes…

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  1. Andrew says:

    There’s also Pat’s Restaurant, a Thai-Cambodian place up at Division and Elliott. I once read that Toronto had only one Cambodian restaurant, which makes our six rather impressive.

    I’m now daydreaming of having golden chicken from Royal Angkor. Too bad it’s closed until the 21st. It’ll have to be my reward for completing project course.

  2. Bryan says:

    Ah, that pulls down the ratio even more! I wonder if Kingston was some sort of preferred destination for Cambodian refugees.

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