Azu Winter

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  1. Allison says:

    eeee!!! One month!

  2. Allison says:

    It’s true…and there are new runs at PK.

  3. Allison says:

    Yes. And more as well – I hear that there is a new run off of Abby Road and a path between Chesters and the chair.

  4. Allison says:

    hahaha that’s true – it was even marked with flagging tape at one point, I think.

  5. Sue Crosby says:

    Awesome powder this weekend! Hard to believe that it is not even Dec yet. The snow above the powerline was like mid February! There is a new run in the black forest that is really neat — you can hook up back to the t-bar base or continue on and come out on penny lane. The trail connecting Chester’s to the chair lift is a double packer width and you always come out at the chair (unlike the old hit or miss unmarked trail). As well, the ski out from the bottom of the elevator shaft to old tower 6 has been restructured — no more hiking up that rough trail. You will like the changes.

  6. Ron Crosby says:

    The snow base is only 165 cm but because of all the brushing that was done you do not need the usual 400-500 cm base to be able to ski the powder. The 86’ers were phenomenal today and yesterday. I made a few round trips to 86’ers with the Leduc brothers and their snowmobile taxi service. Absolutely awesome powder snow. The new runs that were cut have likely doubled the ski area. However the trees have not yet been removed from the runs and we need more snow to completely cover them. Hopefully this will happen before you get here

  7. Ron Crosby says:

    They did not brush below the power line above the cabin. It looks like a jungle but if you know where to go it opens up for some awesome powder runs right down to the pipeline

  8. Ron Crosby says:

    The job opportunities program had up to 40 people cutting brush from August to October. They were laid off forestry workers from Mackenzie. Unfortunately the brush was cut in the fall and it will just show explosive growth this spring. It should have been cut in the spring but the funding did not arrive until August. It probably should have been herbicided but that would be a little problematic in a watershed. Anyways it should make a difference for a couple of years

  9. Ron Crosby says:

    If you want to get a visual of the snow conditions at PK go to Drive and click on the webcam section.The Pine Pass webcam is located at the entrance to PK. I will stand there and wave at you one day

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