Yet another new gadget to abuse

I appear to mow through electronic equipment faster than Woody Harrelson mows through the undead in Zombieland.

Approximately this time last year, I purchased a LG E300 notebook computer to replace my 3 year old discount Future Shop Averatec (they don’t make these anymore).  To provide some context on the replacement one needs to understand that this Averatec has spend the past three years in Asia, including trips across the Mongolian Steppes, the Tibetan Plateau, and mother Russia.  This computer is the epitome of hardware life support.  During that time, the keyboard had been replaced once, the CPU repaired twice, a new hard drive installed and the expansion RAM replaced at least once (hardware repairs are affordable in China).  By the time that my poor Averatec finally died (on a lonely stretch of rail somewhere between Irkutsk and Moscow) the battery was completely useless and the power cored so frayed it was a hazard.   On top of all of this, it was being held together by two pieces of duct tape because I had somehow managed to lose some essential body screws.

That said, it had a good life, providing storage for my travel photos and acting as a pen for the majority of my blog entries.  I also wrote my graduate school entrance statements on that fellow.  I still have the shell in my apartment…duct tape and all. 

RIP Averatec.

I told myself I wasn’t going to let this happen to my new LG…

Yet, approximately a year into the relationship, the DVD-ROM on the LG was being held together by electrical tape, the on/off switch had broken off, the internal RAM was damaged and the unit was receiving at least one or two blue screens each day.

I guess that is what one gets when they take a budget notebook computer through the Kashmir in a backpack.

Despite all of the problems, the LG still chugged along and performed its roles as a word processor, media center and internet node well.

However, that was all to change when I picked the late Dr. Sue Hendler’s  four volume encyclopedia of philosophy which was part of her collection of books donated to SURP.  I wanted to get the entire collection home in one trip along with my other daily stuff, which included my LG.

In to my old MEC bag everything went.  It was snug.

After a quick ride home, I take everything out and open up the LG.

A massive spider web crack all over the screen…

If one were to open up the definition of moron in the second volume of my newly acquired philosophy encyclopedia, one would find my picture.

Strangely enough, the damn computer still works!

I can be extremely utilitarian when it comes to gadgets.  I will use them until they completely die.  I just recently purchased a used Treo 750 Smartphone for about $100USD on eBay.  The Treo 750 is about three years old and is the 747 of mobile phones, but I just couldn’t justify the $350+ prices for a super slim new unlocked mobile phone.  Plus, I’ve gone through 6 mobile phones in the past 6 years.   Given that my LG still technically worked, would it be apt to purchase a new computer?  A cracked screen isn’t as bad as one would think, in fact, I used had no issues on Saturday using the LG for work and for watching Parks and Recreation.

However, sometimes one just has to call death, death.  My LG was being held together by electrical tape, and would crash several times a day.  It was also the object of playful ridicule.

It was time.

The old LG has been demoted to apartment status, permanently set up to my home speaker system and will act as a repository for music and as a shrine, reminding me of my past treatment of technology.

I now own a Sony Viao complete with a two-year warranty.  This will be my first purchased computer warranty, but given past trends…

Blah, who am I kidding…this Sony will be held together with masking tape this time next year.

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  1. Gord Buck says:

    Shoulda boughta Mac….

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