Written thoughts about a conversation I had last night about tipping and the fact that I didn’t tip for a four dollar beer.

Despite having several family members who worked or are presently working in the service industry, my feelings regarding the culture of tipping have always been mixed but have recently been sliding toward the sentiments of Reservoir Dogs’ Mr. Pink. 

Basically, unless the service provides a personal and unique touch or goes above and beyond the demands of the position, I am an incredibly reluctant tipper.  Actually, I’ll just say it  – I hate tipping.

There is something about tipping fifty cents to a dollar for a pint of beer that doesn’t work.  Not to mention the ever increasing attitude of entitlement toward receiving tips, staff complaints and attitude, and the fact that despite the presence of a tipping system, I don’t feel that services I receive are any better because of it.

I would be fine paying a service charge included into the price or even higher prices to reflect an increase in wages.  The Euros are on to something with that system.

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