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Russian Train Bomb

From the Globe: Russian officials opened a terror investigation Saturday, saying that a homemade bomb planted on the tracks of the high-speed Moscow-to-St. Petersburg route caused a derailment that killed at least 26 people and injured dozens more. I never rode that particular line to St. Petersburg.  I exited Russia via the Moscow-Riga (Lativa) line. […]

Azu Winter

The season is getting closer… Season of never-ending snowmobile engine difficulties… Can’t hide.   Exactly…one month!

Prison Land

Why would I be mentioning King Penitentiary?  I often walk past it on my way down to Portsmouth Village and usually there is line of vehicles parked in front of the King Street entrance.  Visitors.  It is a rather depressing sight actually.  I often wonder who they are visiting.  Kingston Penitentiary is home to some […]

November 11 – 2009

I like to repost this each 11/11 with some variation.   August 19th, 1944 Dear Mr. Morrison:- Before you receive this letter you will have had a telegram informing you of the very sad loss of your son, Flying Officer W.H. Morrison. It is with regret that I write to you this date to convey […]

Triund – India – August 2009

Triund is seasonal pasture land located about 1000m above Mcleod Ganj and is where I spent six days just wandering around the surrounding hills, meadows and valleys, eating Maggie and drinking too much instant coffee. Initially, I was planning to trek Indrahar Pass but decided that I would rather spend my last few days in […]

Yet another new gadget to abuse

I appear to mow through electronic equipment faster than Woody Harrelson mows through the undead in Zombieland. Approximately this time last year, I purchased a LG E300 notebook computer to replace my 3 year old discount Future Shop Averatec (they don’t make these anymore).  To provide some context on the replacement one needs to understand […]

Mcleod Ganj – India – August 2009

Situated below the the Dhauladhar mountains (outer Himalaya range), the former British colonial outpost of Mcleod Ganj is now more famously known as the seat of the Dalai Lama and home to the Tibetan government in exile.  It is also somewhat of a must-see destination on the Northern India circuit.  Full of westerners seeking enlightenment […]


Written thoughts about a conversation I had last night about tipping and the fact that I didn’t tip for a four dollar beer. Despite having several family members who worked or are presently working in the service industry, my feelings regarding the culture of tipping have always been mixed but have recently been sliding toward […]

To Kiva or not to Kiva…?

Founded in 2005, Kiva is a internet based organization which allows people to lend money to small businesses in the developing world through partnered microfinance institutions.  In a nutshell, microfinance can be viewed as a development tool that provides financial services to low-income clients, usually in developing nations who traditionally lack access to banking and […]

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