The Pig You Know


After the rules of Monopoly: City, (a board game designed for those eight and up) perplexed a group of graduate students (apparently city planners-in-training) it was quickly decided that throwing rubber pigs around a table for abstract points was a far better use of post-Thanksgiving Dinner time.

The rubber pigs are the lead players in Pass the Pigs, a surprisingly addictive dice game that introduces such terms as “double razorback”, “Jowler” and “the piggyback”. 

A sharp oinker should know his pigs and while rubber varieties may not be ‘balanced’ this hasn’t stopped crazy folks from developing pig probabilities.  

Of course, while I am the last person who should be allowed around numbers or anything statistical I found the following interesting.

Pink Sider .36
Dot Sider .27
Trotter .07
Razorback .24
Snouter .02
Jowler .01
Piggyback defies the laws of probability

(from – also info regarding ‘optimum strategies’.

Pig tossing scores over 7 tosses appears to develop into a normal curve with the mean being around 50.  Just thought you would like to know.

You can also play online! – And yes, you will waste time with this app…even the iPhone passes pigs.

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  1. noddie says:

    I thought it was interesting that the probabilities of Trotter and Razorbacks are so different, given their same point allocations. I could maybe understand if the probabilities were switched… it seems more likely that the pig will land on its feet than its back.. but who can argue with stats!

  2. Allison says:

    Remember playing this in the tent trailer?

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