As I’m writing this I’m reading the instructions for my calculator – apparently one should never attempt to dispose their calculator by burning it…good to know Casio is looking out for me *puts away lighter.

Last week I ordered a custom-made used bike and I received it yesterday.

Yellow Bike Action is a neat idea.  They take the discarded bikes of the greater Kingston CMA and cannibalize them to produce rat bikes that are sold to the bike-less masses on a non-profit basis.  Personally, I would prefer the term FrankenBike Action……The rule-of-thumb on the mean streets of Kingston that if one should ever ‘lose’ their bike, the first place they should check is Yellow Bikes.

The Yellow bike guy talks at warp speed, and in the span of five minutes we had covered such topics as over-population, welfare, taxes, and where if every street corner in China has ice cream and if so, where to buy the best ice cream. Incidentally, one can buy ice cream on almost every corner in China.

Are you missing an late 80’s, early 90’s-model Bianchi mountain bike? If so, tough.  It’s serial number is now mine.

For $70 I now own the remnants of a Italian-Bianchi (a very good bike manufacturer) augmented with parts stripped from several other bikes (I’m sure there is a CanadianTire SuperCycle part in there somewhere).  This bike once cost probably $1000 dollars, was loved by someone and perhaps even was in a race to two.  Now it is relegated to commuting duty. 

The Bianchi rides like a banshee…what does that mean?  How can one ride a banshee?  

It’s a good bike – it’s not flashy and I’m no Lance Armstrong, but the bike has that raw, used “I’ve been over the mountain fifty times” look to it…now I just need some streamers…and maybe some old hockey cards.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy cycling. 

Oh yes, and a used bike isn’t really as a cheap as one would believe – one must take into account externalies like a U-lock and a coffee thermos (can’t ride with a cup in your hand).   

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