By Bryan • Kingston • 4 Oct 2009


I presently don’t own a phone, having stepped on my low-end Nokia while in India representing the 6th destroyed/lost mobile in 6 years.  In addition to that loss, I broke my Pentax, and melted my notebook AC adapter…

Canada still appears to retain a large number of the ubiquitous public payphones yet they can be bloody annoying to find when one actually needs their 50 cent services.  I walked the length of Princess Street…not one street side payphone until I hit the Hub…where there are two.

Well, whatever – apparently using payphones will make one 35% cooler.


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  1. Melissa

    wait… 50 cents? REALLY? Last time I checked it was still 35…

  2. angela

    like living in the 1990s again~
    still on my second mobile in 7 years, quite proud of myself, hahhah~

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had a phone for longer that 8 months…and it is not that I’m habitually purchasing new ones…I’m just really hard on my gear.

  3. Sue Crosby

    Time for you to get a land line?

  4. Sue Crosby

    Yes, there are places where cell phones just don’t cut it. And then there are wonderful places like Azu that don’t have either………….where the mountains are so high that they trap the clouds that create mounds and mounds of fresh light blow in your face powder snow…………….just waiting for someone to make some fresh tracks in it! Oops sorry – I got carried away for a moment. Must be all the fresh snow on top of Morfee mountain this morning!

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