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October Stuff

Squeeze an image/media entry in amongst the seemingly ever mounting SURP work. From the CBC a few days back and while it is hardly an original comparison, I had to insert the images (just because I’m a Star Wars geek). This is an eigenharp, created 2009 and not in a galaxy, far, far away.  It’s […]

The Pig You Know

After the rules of Monopoly: City, (a board game designed for those eight and up) perplexed a group of graduate students (apparently city planners-in-training) it was quickly decided that throwing rubber pigs around a table for abstract points was a far better use of post-Thanksgiving Dinner time. The rubber pigs are the lead players in […]


As I’m writing this I’m reading the instructions for my calculator – apparently one should never attempt to dispose their calculator by burning it…good to know Casio is looking out for me *puts away lighter. Last week I ordered a custom-made used bike and I received it yesterday. Yellow Bike Action is a neat idea.  […]


I presently don’t own a phone, having stepped on my low-end Nokia while in India representing the 6th destroyed/lost mobile in 6 years.  In addition to that loss, I broke my Pentax, and melted my notebook AC adapter… Canada still appears to retain a large number of the ubiquitous public payphones yet they can be […]

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