Stok Kangri II

Breakfast on day two.


Looking south toward Stok Kangri (top right) from camp one.  Base camp is actually to the left of the ridge in the centre of the photos. The approach was somewhat different than I initially expected.


Camp one – looking north toward Stok Village.




Marmot boxing on the way to base camp.


About 4800m.  The approach toward base camp is actually steeper than it appears in the photo.  I acclimatize quite well, but I begin to feel the effects when I push 4000m.  I’m not tired, but I slow down, begin to lose appetite and get crazy dreams.


Our Nepali guide chatting with the donkey wrangler.



Base camp at 5100m.  We arrived at around 3pm and had dinner a few hours later, followed by a quick nap given that we would be up at 1am.



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