Stok Kangri I – August 2009

6121m above and behind the picturesque village of Stok is Stok Kangri and the main reason I ventured into this part of the world.  I like culture, but I prefer views.  On a good day the summit offers vies of Mt. Kailash in the TAR and K2 in Pakistan.

Initially, I was going to attempt this solo (and in retrospect, I am completely confident that I would have had no problem) but given the lack of information regarding the ascent and uncertainties regarding routes/food I opted to go with a 4-day supported expedition through one of the agencies.  I like carrying my stuff myself, but given the height of this bad boy, I felt that having donkeys pack the stuff wouldn’t be that bad of an idea…real expeditions never carry their own stuff anyways :-p

For about $225 myself and a British fellow received two guides, donkeys, food and cooking services for 4 days.  I received a discount given I had my own equipment. 

Two days to base camp, followed by an epic 10 hour summit attempt beginning at 1am, and then one day down to Stok.  The following photos are from the first day.



Stok Village and the Indus Valley can be seen in the extreme distance.


Another group returning to Stok.  Could be either from Stok Kangri or one of several other treks that conclude in at Stok.


Some kind of shelter.


The Stok Kangri approach is extremely dry and rocky with little vegetation.


 IMGP0033  IMGP0039

First camp at about 4200m asl. 


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  1. Allison says:

    Wow! Very cool, love the photographs.

    • Bryan says:

      🙂 Thanks – I’ve reduced the quality for website purposes…they look a bit better in Picassa (not to toot my own horn or anything :-p)

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