Shanghai Spaces: Lower Suzhou Creek II

Looking across to the south side of from Si Hang Warehouse Suzhou Creek meanders itself through some newer condominium developments which could be a sign of items to come on the lesser developed north bank.  One must continually switch back and forth between the north and south banks in order to avoid both construction and to follow the public boardwalk which alternates from north to south depending on the type of building or possibly the land tenure. On this particular section I walked the north side up from Si Hang Warehouse.



I’m not entirely clear if this is part of Si Hang, but I would be willing to place money on it. I would expect that it is being rebuilt into a some kind of museum as that would probably be the most appropriate function.  The open parking spot would make an idea public park, provided it avoided a giant brick slab square.


Looknig back toward Lu Jia Zui.  To the left would be the north bank and Si Hang Warehouse.  I am probably in the minority, but I actually prefer Shanghai skyline shots from Suzhou Creek relative to the classic Bund shot.  That shot focuses exclusively on Lu Jia Zui and Pudong, completely ignoring Puxi.  One can get a little of both from Suzhou Creek. 


One of the few remaining colonial warehouse left along Suzhou Creek.  Christian Science Monitor recently published a short piece show casing the use of abandoned factories and warehouses in China as creative spaces, following up on the success of Beijing 789 and western success with such spaces.  Lower Suzhou Creek probably would have been the poster child prior to earlier space recasting. 

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At the next bridge I hopped back to the south side to get a closer look at 1929 (Si Hang is on the north side). Unfortunately, there wasn’t very good pedestrian access down from the bridge and I didn’t want to walk down the on ramp.


Moving up the south bank from the 1929 warehouse I entered into one of the newer residential sections.  A different approach was taken here, in contrast to the previous slab units encountered earlier on the river.  Public space was retained a long the south bank using a standard green strip.  The road is not open to auto traffic.   IMGP0056 IMGP0057

One issue though…what would have been a great public space for residents is actually completely cut off from the surrounding apartments.  Nothing says stay the hell away from me like glass shards.  In order to access this space from the apartments one would have to walk all the way down to the bridge road.  The perception of fear is alive and well, similar to North America in that aspect.  IMGP0058

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