Getting a Indian Visa in Shanghai III


Part of obtaining an Indian visa in Shanghai consists of navigating a series of flooded streets in a torrential downpour.  Only upon successfully completing this daunting challenge is an candidate considered worthy for the responsibilities of holding said visa. How is the Indian government expected to look out for their foreign guests if they such people not able to handle a simple flood?

A mere 500 meters from the Metro stop, the Guangdong Development Bank Tower is the final destination for those embarking on the final stage of their visa journey.  Under normal conditions (if you are going to the Guangdong Development Bank Tower for other reasons…) should take about 15 minutes.  If one is going there to pick up their visa, it should take a minimum of three hours, for only the legally insane would consider to crunch the distance in less time.  And if one is insane, why would you be granted a visa?

A storm of monsoon proportions struck as I exited the metro stop.  Forget chubby rain, this was of the anvil variety in volumes already enough to begin pouring down the stairs into the metro stations.

I hate the rain more than any other natural event, but when a visa is on the line, Bryan steps up.

It was noon.  My one dollar umbrella survived for 10 minutes before the wind snapped the cheap aluminum rods.  Through a series of clever detours through malls and stops under bank/hotel entrances to wait out the worst, I managed to close the distance within an hour arriving at the Tower – although not as dry as I would have liked.

My visa was waiting.  I am monsoon certified.


I was going to spend the rest of the day taking some shots of the French Concession…instead I’m drying off in Starbucks waiting for the rain to bloody stop. Why people take joy in rain is beyond me.


5 Responses to Getting a Indian Visa in Shanghai III

  1. Allison says:

    Sounds like you need a better umbrella 🙂

  2. Sue Crosby says:

    The rain rain rain came down down down in rushing rising rivlets!! Til the river crept out of its bed and crept right into Piglet’s (or should that be Bryan’s)!!

    What we wouldn’t give here for some of that rain. Hot and dry, fire hazard rated extreme in almost the entire province and plenty of dry fuel everywhere.

  3. Allison says:

    Bryan is talking about the weather…!

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