Canada’s 2010 Olympic Team

As part of my ongoing effort to distance myself as much as possible from school-related nonsense, I surveyed Canada’s 2010 Winter Olympic team. Or as I like to call them, Team $100 million…they better bring home the gold bacon is all I have to say.

Canadians love pride themselves on the notion of multiculturalism. Kingston, for example (which is hardly in the sticks) is often chided for being ‘too white’ and ‘racist’ largely by people who hail from one of Canada’s big three metro areas.  I’ve always argued that Kingston is a classic Canadian city and reflects national demographics far better than Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Those places are the outliers in terms of multiculturalism but always seem to be pushed as the norm in Canada.

I think the reality is, Canada is still very, very white.

Just look at our Winter Olympic team, it is a perfect example.  I can count the visible minorities on one hand.

Yeah, I know, there are other possible explanations at work.  Winter sporting is predominantly a European cultural exercise, the geography of winter sports may favour certain areas over others, and the financial strain of winter sports definitely makes it exclusive to those with $$$.

A country that continually strokes itself  regarding its multiculturalism yet fields a essentially 100% white Olympic team….

Any questions about that?

Go Canada?

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