The Canadian Pavilion – Expo 2010

I was expecting Douglas Fir, Cedar, stone, lots and lots of glass and a totem pole thrown in somewhere, which are usually the to-go-to materials for anything Canadian designed for an international audience.



Very un-Canadian…which is probably why I kind of like it 🙂

I’m not sure what they are trying to do with this.  Information on the official site in regards to influences and design goals are sketchy although there is a mention of Cirque de Soleil was the designer and it is about a 45 million dollar investment.

The theme: The Living City: inclusive, sustainable, creative (I think they brought Richard Florida on board for that one).  I quite like the nod toward Canadian rural areas in the more detailed discussion of the ‘sustainability’.  The more I’m digging into my research topic, the more I’m realizing (I suppose I’ve always known it) how marginalized and ignored (economically, politically and especially culturally) Canadian rural areas are.

I don’t think we have the best design, but it’s not the worst either. The Scandinavians (no surprises there!) I think have the better designs.  Check them out here.

Chinese internet continues to drive me insane…the constant Google nuking, the tortoise speeds, blockages, inconsistent connections issues to academic databases…list goes on.

I just can’t get over how terrible the connection is at Fudan…there is really no excuse for this university to have such awful internet.

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  1. David says:

    I can’t imagine what the life would be after I go back to China when I can’t open my favorite…….

    • Bryan says:

      If you have a wireless connection, you can use a VPN like Hotspot Shield or Witopia. My office just has a LAN cable so I can’t use a VPN. Grrr…

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