Shanghai @ Night

By Bryan • photography, shanghai • 13 Jul 2009

Some shots I took tonight from the 24th floor of the Shanghai Foreign Students Residence.

Cool Shanghai

IMGP0024 IMGP0022 IMGP0020

Shanghai Shadows


Shanghai on Fire


Hustle and possible bustle


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5 Responses

  1. Shanghai has been blessed with high winds recently, resulting in Canadian-like blue skies and puffy white clouds….very unlike Shanghai. Thus, the somewhat clear photographs of the Lujiazui skyline

    Unfortunately, I neglected to bring my tripod along on this trip and was reduced to a delicate balancing act on the window.

  2. Allison

    Nice photos!!!

  3. Thanks!

    I can’t seem to return replies on Facebook. But to answer a few questions, I just used my old Pentax K100D and rested the camera on the window. Very high winds allowed somewhat of a blurry effect regarding the clouds.

    I’ve found this lens I use isn’t that good for night photography though.

  4. angela

    wow~~~really cool~~~

  5. Love them! My favorite is the second cool Shanghai picture. It totally represents Shanghai. Very urban and the TV tower can be seen!

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