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I have just noticed some serious errors in my gallery page.  Thus, that part of the site might be down for awhile as I figure it out.  Sorry to disappoint as I know that that particular page is one of the most popular hits on internet and you are just dying to get back in there to see what is new :-p

My report/thesis proposal continues at a snails pace, as does my “3rd term requirement project”.  For lack of a better term, I am completely finished with school.  I really don’t want to go back for another year of abstraction, theory and useless papers.  I want to work more than anything.  I am seriously the worst grad student – I don’t like research and I definetly don’t like writing papers, and have coldly realized (maybe I’ve know this for awhile) that I don’t belong in the academic world at all.

Oddly enough, I love urban planning, reading about it and I can’t wait to start to practice it.

So how am I solving this?  The only way I know how.  Run off to the Indian Himalayas…and totally forget about it.  To use a cliche…there is so much more out there than school and I have never before felt like I’m missing out on the world like I do now.

I’m relegated myself to the fact that I probably wont’ graduate for another 3 years anyways.  Master’s smasters….

This weekend I made a trip down to Decathalon (a very, very good French outdoor company) and outfitted myself with all the necessities that augment my additional gear for a month in the Kashmir.

I should open my own trekking company.

*the gallery is now working, with photos from Sarajevo and Mostar (Bosnia) added.  Images from Belgrade and Kotor are still not functioning for some reason.

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  1. Andrew says:

    But…what are Niall and Ken and I going to do without you there‽ (Also…this font doesn’t really render interrobangs all that well…)

    On a serious note, though. I admit, I feel the same way quite frequently (typically the night before papers are due, and I wonder why the hell I’m doing this again, but that whole “theory sucks, get me out of here” feeling tends to pervade my entire SURP experience). The office isn’t going to be the same without you there, but you’ve got to do what’s right for you. Enjoy the Himalayas, and all the best, Bryan!


    PS – awesome Shanghai pictures!

    • Bryan says:

      heh heh heh – oh, I’ll be keeping you folks company in September, just maybe not for O-week.

      Interrobang….I had to look that one up on Wikipedia!

  2. Andrew says:


    Excellent to hear! It’s too early for me, I must have misconstrued a few things. I blame the SURP newsletter and its repeated calls for Carthage’s destruction (I’m still missing a few articles so there’s a lot of lorem ipsum/Carthago delenda est…granted, one of those is one I have to write myself on the Community Design course, if Angie/Dave are cool with adding that).


  3. Bryan says:

    SURP has a newsletter?

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