Internet Overlords

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  1. Baoru says:

    The Great Fire Wall’s at it again. Well, I never liked Facebook anyway.

    • Bryan says:

      I’m pretty big on internet freedoms…I can get worked up about the total lack of it in China. Don’t even get me started on that “Green Dam” bullshit.

      Fudan, for example blocks access to ALL foreign hosted websites from office terminals (I can access in my residence though). To get around this, Fudan has an official proxy. Bizarre.

      Online proxies, hotspot shield…there are a few ways around this…but I’ve found that none are particularly effective at emulating the full internet experience. Online proxies, for instance, often block Web 2.0 functionalities as well.

      A decent argument I’ve been hearing recently is that net controls are required in China because most of the online community here is very immature regarding information on the web. That Mainland netizens will often get worked up really quickly but don’t have the seasoning to limit their often nationalistic tendencies to be extremely reactionary.

      There is a lot of truth to the often read official government published response of ‘controlling rumors’ as a precedent for massive internet controls.

      But I would respond by saying those tendencies are not necessarily the result of the internet but rather the product of frustrations that don’t have any other avenue of expression.

  2. Baoru says:

    That’s crazy about Fudan’s own proxy.

    It’s like if you push something down, it more than ever wants to go out–China’s internet culture.

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