Warsaw, Poland – August 2008

…a place where vodka isn’t only for breakfast.

Be seen in Warsaw

Next stop on my super quick, stereotypical European Contiki tour was, as the title implies, Warsaw.  Warsaw holds some physical similarities to Moscow in terms of grand superblock configurations, Stalinist architecture, grand boulevards and good public transit. I found the patio culture to be far livelier in Warsaw and this wasn’t just in the tourist areas, but permeated throughout the city.  Warsaw operates somewhat of a mini-underground city along the main north-south road that bisects the maintrain station which is quite interesting entity in itself.  While underground heavy-rail stations are not uncommon, Warsaw was the first city I had visited that directed train traffic underground as it entered the urban areas.

I was surprised to see a large amount of “Free-Tibet” activism in Warsaw in the form of fliers, stickers and gatherings.  I suppose it was a remider of how seriously the Polish respect freedoms in the face of oppression.

I was having a great time chowing down on the wonderful döner kebabs lining the wide boulevards of Warsaw.  I thought these things were fantastic and represented the best possible meal for a traveler – massive amounts of heavy, filling food for under three dollars.  That was until someone mentioned “Dude, Polish Kebabs are dodge”….

Warsaw represented the big decision of my travels – do I continue to get 60 Euros for every $100 of my US Dollars,? Or do I transport myself to a country where having greenbacks still meant something?

People I’ve been meeting (mostly British) had been talking non-stop about the Balkans (mostly regarding of Exitfest).  Hmmm…Bosnia has a large Turkish influence…and where there are Turks, there are apparently less “dodgy” kebabs.

That aside, I had been considering a leap through the Balkans for sometime prior to hearing about kebabs.   I was quite interested in seeing some post-conflict cities as well as some of the amazing landscapes in both Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia.

So,  that interest, combined with financial and gastronomic influences persuaded me to head south – thus leaving Germany and the Low Countries for another time.

An awesome decision.

*I’m trying to get caught up with my photos and entries from last year so I’ll be able to start fresh when I’m back in China this summer.

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