August ’08 – The Mighty Baikal

By Bryan • photography, tokyo to paris overland, travel • 17 Mar 2009

The deepest, baddest lake in the world.  The second adjective is somewhat subjective as I’m not clear as to what exactly makes a lake “bad”…although it would morph into a great name for an travel company…B3 (B-cubed) for Big Bad Baikal Adventures.

A great part of Russia.  In many ways I felt like I was back in Mongolia.  In 2006 I visited Lake Hovsgol in Northern Mongolia.  As it is only about 100km from Baikal and shares many geologic features and has apparently been branded as the ‘little-sister’ of Baikal.

Lake Hovsgol – Mongolia August 2006

Although Baikal easily dwarfs Hovsgol, the surrounding landscapes are virtually identical.  Baikal is evolving into a tourist haven, largely because of the easy access via Irkutsk, while Hovsgol remains a crazy 2 day drive from UB.

A great camping location, and I wish I had more time…or a motorbike.  The third set is easily the better of the photos, containing some interesting beached watercraft and abandoned forest autos.

Mainland – Olkhon Island

Around Olkhon Island I

Around Olkhon Island II

* the Mongolian photos can be viewed in fullscreen, just mouse over the first image – I don’t know why the Baikal ones don’t have this function.

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  1. Great job with the pictures Bryan!!! you have got awesome ones…and looks like they are all finally posted! I enjoyed them , your trips are amazing! (by the way, i didnt know there was such a thing as the Japanes Alps…cool)

    • Well, I would say one out of thirty is probably ok. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many good Japanese Alp shots as the weather wasn’t agreeable.

  2. Photos are now resized…so if you happened to be one of the few who ventured into the gallery and were greeted by massive images…it should be a little more screen friendly now.

  3. The horse picture is just so adorable! :-)

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