Why I went into Urban Planning

By Bryan • Kingston, urban planning • 6 Mar 2009

To play with models of course!

Unfortunately, I never actually get to play with them, and rarely see them either.  The closest I’ve gotten to any kind of urban modelling is my crappy AutoCAD brownfield redevelopment I did last year…and I really cannot stress the adjective ‘crappy’ enough

Chicago Urban Model



Davis Tannery Site, Kingston – Ontario

march21 - 12noon

Yes, that is green space.  That’s right Chicago, I don’t see any green……

I think we know the winner here.

I believe every town should have a physical model of their space.  There is just something tangible and humbling about visualizing your whole environment from above.

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  1. angela

    the chicago model looks really good though

    my hongkong thing, had a telephone interview on the 5th, prof. said results would come out by the end of this month.
    having my fingers crossed…

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