Most Hideous Building in the World?

imageNo, it’s not the CCTV Headquarters building…which I strangely kind of like, even though it appears to epitomize masturbatory architecture and sky-line wonks nor does it fit at all into the surrounding fabric…I remain strangely drawn to it.  I can’t seem to explain my new found attraction towards good ultra-modernist design.  I could blame, or maybe it is sci-fi, futuristic threads in me or the slight jealousy regarding the face that we in North America could never get away with something this crazy…with the exception of the Seattle Public Library (which was incidentally brought to the masses from the same organization that came up with this bizarre structure).

I draw the line though at this thing.

Of course, it has to be in North Korea.  The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang began construction in 1987 in an effort to ‘one-up’ the South Koreans who were building the Stamford Hotel in Singapore. Slated to have 3000 hotel rooms construction coming to an abrupt stop in 1992…and it has just sat there ever since.  Apparently it was such an embarrassment that the government would airbrush it out of official photographs.



I suspect that is what they were really thinking of.


Apparently construction resumed in 2008 under the direction of an Egyptian company with a completion goal of 2012, just in time for the centennial of Kim Il Sung.

2 Responses to Most Hideous Building in the World?

  1. Baoru says:

    Haha. Not really hideous. Quite different only.

  2. Bryan says:

    heh heh heh – you are too kind to the architects!
    Apparently the CCTV building has the nickname of “Underpants”

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