Urban Cross-Country Skiing

By Bryan • canada, Kingston, sports • 14 Jan 2009

This is a very new phenomenon for me and I still remain surprised that I never considered it before given that more complex and site specific pastime of urban riding (of the alpine and snowboard variety) is quite common in the streets of ski town of Rossland BC.

I saw my first skier along the shores of Lake Ontario earlier last week and I’m beginning to notice them all over Kingston, especially in larger open spaces. Given the somewhat odd snow-removal practices here, a pair of plastic boards strapped on ones feet is a very effective method with which to navigate the drifts, mounds and at times, mush piles of snow currently blanketing the city.

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  1. Ooohhh…nice…wish I could do something like that here.

  2. heh heh heh – it’s rather cold though

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