First 2009 post and 308th post since 2004 when I started this blog.  Actually, I began blogging in 2003 at http://www.bryancrosby.ca (without the “-“) but lost that domain, and the 100 or so associated entries because of an amatuerish mistake regarding hosting payments…make sure credit card information is up-to-date or one might find their hosting privlidges revoked, all content removed and their domain name up on the block for outside party purchase.

So about five years of silly scribbles + one internet stalker = my blogging experience up to present day.

James Fallows (The Atlantic’s China correspondent) has a new book out entitled Postcards from Tomorrow Square documenting his two years in China.  I’ve been following Fallows since he first arrived in Shanghai in 2006 and was immediately hooked on his blog.  China pundits, folks making claims of building ‘east-west bridges’ and China related books are a dime-a-dozen these days and even as recently as 2004 the English-language Chinese blogosphere wasn’t nearly as developed as it is now, nor were there nearly as many print publications floating around the market.  I always felt thought that Fallows, eventhough he didn’t have the Chinese street-credentials (language fluency, 10+ years in country, local wife etc….) like many other Mainland commentators, he wrote some of the best articles I’ve ever read regarding China, especially on CCP Public Relations with the international community.  I suspect that most of the book is a pasting of his Atlantic articles and blog posts, (seems to be the trend recently) but at 10 dollars, I might have to make a trip down to the local Chapters to pick up a copy (I have a suspicion that this book will make it into the local library…or even campus library).

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