Holidays 2008

By Bryan • personal • 28 Dec 2008

Some items of note from the past week of snowbounded holidays

  • Crazy weather and cancelled flight nonesense
  • Making it home via public housing on wheels (aka Greyhound Bus)
  • Having first Christmas at home in 4 years
  • Spending a lot of time at the ski cabin which now appears to have aquired satellite internet (at dial-up speeds) but still does not have running water
  • Finding my ski legs after numerous years of being mothballed…and discovering that they never really left…just needed a kick-start
  • Ripping’ the 86ers at Powder KingĀ  (sorry, local skiing name-drop) and getting tackled by snow snakes.
  • Digging snowmobile out of snow
  • Digging myself out of snow
  • Having many casual beers

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3 Responses

  1. Happy holidays!

    Having first Christmas at home after 4 years? Wow! :)

    Christmas wishes from the tropics!

  2. Alex B.

    “public housing on wheels”…HAHAHA! That is an impressively accurate description of Greyhound’s transportation! Atta boy, Bryan!
    Happy ’09!

  3. Right back at you Alex!

    Quite a few ‘interesting’ characters on the Greyhound….

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