Cool Nights

I look at photos like these, especially the ones from Tokyo and Moscow (by comparing them to my crappy shots)  and ask myself “Why?!! Why can’t I take night photos like these?  Insanely jealous.

I found about two weeks ago and I place blame directly upon this website for my late AutoCAD site design.  I hate wickedly addicitive sites like these…it is just not fair.  They did make a pretty blantant mistake regarding their night photos from China…a very obvious and typical Pudong  (Shanghai) shot is listed under Beijing.

I’m closing down SURP – December 21ist and I’m still in the damn office…kind of pathetic actually.

4 Responses to Cool Nights

  1. Baoru says:

    I like the Moscow shot…everything looks delicious (like cake!)

  2. Thomas says:

    Didn`t – I – shoot that photo in Moscow !!!

  3. Bryan says:

    hah hah ha – yes, you did take a few good ones of Moscow and I give due credit! But the photo above was neither yours nor mine…heh heh…probably better than either of ours!

    St. Basil’s is rather delicious looking

  4. Bryan says:

    I can say that tonight is not a ‘cool’ night for me. Delayed flight in Toronto, cancelled flight in Vancouver and I’m currently stuck in Vancouver International on ‘standby’


    Canadian weather antics….

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