Japanese Alps – Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route – July 2008

I got a bit ahead of myself and posted Vladivostok photos out of sync.  I had a few more stops in Japan before I ferried over to mother Russia including a climb up Fuji and another in the Alps. I’m a big geek and I like to name my trips…for example, when I did Tibet and Nepal in 2007 I called in K2K ’07 (Kunming to Kathmandu) and in keeping with tradition I named this one J2J ’08 (Japanese Alps to Julian Alps ’08).  Technically the trip began in Shanghai and ended in Paris, but I couldn’t make a clever name out of that.

I ended up illegally camping in the Alps as the cheapest room available was 95 dollars, but it wasn’t nearly as frosty as my ill-fated night at the summit of Mt. Fuji.

Basically it is just another bunch of landscape photos :-p

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