Vladivostok, Russia – July 2008

Not wanting to write papers or design massing concepts in AutoCAD, I thought I’d do the next best thing – add more photos.

The roughest, toughest city in Asia. I spent a few days here after hopping off the ferry from Japan.  Really neat urban fabric and lots of restoration occuring throughout the city.  It’s a military, port-trade city…so you can just imagine the characters floating around the streets.

If Vladivostok were a drink, it would be the hardest vodka you’ve ever tossed back.

2 Responses to Vladivostok, Russia – July 2008

  1. Baoru says:

    Roughest, toughest city in Asia–interesting way of putting it. 😀

  2. Bryan says:

    Yeah, this city isn’t for the weak that’s for sure.

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