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By Bryan • personal • 8 Dec 2008

Strange Maps puts the cool back in mapping.  The premise pretty simple, if you don’t think maps are cool after browing some of these post, then it is fairly obvious that you are not very cool.

Some one once laughed at me for putting ‘maps’ as an interest on my Facebook profile – ha!

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  1. Ok, maps are cool. :P The one about China’s population in relation to other countries is really interesting!

    And so many comments inside the blog!

  2. Yeah – it is somewhat humbling.

    If you want to see a lot of comments/post try (probably should be called Stuff Hipsters Like) Some of the posts have over 1000 comments.

    Really funny blog too!

  3. Hey, have you read the latest Danwei post? Mapping the hurt feelings of the Chinese people.

    That one is really cool. :P

    I’ve went to Very weird. Hehehehe…

  4. I love….especially the name…heh heh heh.

    I became so fascinated with the concept of danwei that I imported into my English vocab….

    “Yup…I’m off to the danwei….I’ll be back later today”.

    SWPL is written by a Canadian, actually.

  5. Hahahahahahaha…it actually fits China’s societal complex.

    About SWPL–and it’s now a book! Woah.

  6. Yeah, one of my colleagues has the book – its kind of just a collection of all of his post glued together by an introduction.

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