Bryan Adams

I read about this in the Globe awhile back but had forgotten about it….I couldn’t find the original Globe article so I had to make do with celebrity news trash instead…either way.

Bryan Adams has apparently called the police after being stalked by a mother and son.

The singer has been hounded by the pair since they approached him for an autograph when he was eating in a restaurant, reports The Sun.

I thought this was amusing given the unique relationship between myself, Bryan Adams and stalkers.

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  1. Sue Crosby says:

    I wonder if they are related to ‘M’ ??!! I haven’t heard from him in quite a while now – not since last summer I think. Seems he’s given up (thankfully). The phone calls were pretty creepy until we got call display and could filter them out.

  2. Bryan says:

    oh believe me, that character is still around…

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