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Arriving home last night at around 11:30 I flip on the radio…

“Why is Randy on”?  It’s Friday already?….shit…it is Friday.

So here I am on a chilly Friday night listening to Randy Bachman (yup, the BTO guy) strum away on his guitar while dishing out random factoids about about obscure music (I never would have thought that that guy would be so in tune with shoo-bop music from the 50’s).  It’s a pretty good show actually…very well researched.. Anyways, there is something to be said about a guy (me)  who is temporally informed by CBC schedules.  Several non-flattering nouns come to mind…

Seriously though, I do have a scary understading of CBC programming post-7:30am and post-10pm. For example, I usually catch the World at 8 followed by half-an-hour of light, non-offensive and non-controversial Ontario This Morning. It probably assumed that after the regional news at 8:30 one will be ready for something a little harder and this is reinforced by the very odd and not very fitting hard-rock intro music for The Current, a  morning current events program.

If one happens to be a real lazy ass and is still kicking around the house by 10, then you’ll be up for Jian Ghomeshi and The Q, which also pretty decent radio.  Not really sure what comes after that…most likely a typical small-town radio program blasting out irrelevant life vignettes from the Praires.

The evening is usually a repeat of the morning stuff, except for Randy’s Viynl Tap on Fridays – that usually lasts to around 1am.  Late radio brings around the exciting world of international public radio…usually from the Netherlands for some reason – also strangely good….but if you are up that late then anything sounds good.

Now there is a big question in all of this…why am I not listening to one of the other hundreds of stations floating around the waves?

I have no idea…maybe it’s because I’m not big on Nickleback in the morning (or any other time for that matter).

AM? meh…Am…does any actually listen to AM anymore?  Does AM radio retain any relevance in the world of FM stereo and Sirius satellite?  I can see what it would be like if I worked for an AM radio station….

FM studio stooge #1:  “heh heh…yeah, you see Bryan over there…yeah he’s on AM”

FM studio stooge #2:  “yeah what a loser”

Time to hit the sack I think.

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  1. Sue Crosby says:

    Vinyl Tap is an awesome show!!!! Many is the time we have been driving back from PG and have tuned in and listened to Randy and Denise nonstop all the way home. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all facets of Canadian music and also so incredibly down to earth and easy to listen to. You are right in saying that the show is well researched. What a great way to connect with Canadian rock.

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