The Ottawa Zoo

I don’t have internet or television in my flat, but I do have CBC radio which has the nasty habit of broadcasting news updates every half-hour.  So, for the past several days I’ve been receiving great chunks of comedy every thirty minutes in the form of sound bites from Question Period at the Canadian Parliment.

I just laugh to myself…out loud.  This whole thing is just that ludicrous.

The egos, the arrogrance, powermongering, short-term thinking and the selfishness of every leader, everyone and every party in this whole clown show is quite embarrasing to say the least…especially during the current economic situation.

Older generations would often say that “all politicians are bozos” – I always found this too simplistic and would like to give the benefit of the doubt to people doing a job that is obviously difficult.

They were probably on to something.

*By request – My take on the Monkeys….

(apologies for name dropping Canadian politicians unknown outside of Canada).  We are having a bit of a government crisis in Canada at the moment…all of that famous Canadian “Peace, Order and Good Government”…heh heh heh..well…not this Christmas.

Jack Layton (NDP) is grabbing all of the bananas he can get…“more..more..moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!”

Stephen Harper (Conservative) is hanging on to power by his tail…”I probably should have given this other banana to Canadians…”

Stephane Dion (Liberal) is obviously the weak little monkey in the back…“guys….I’m still here…”

Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Quebecois), who is probably going to be the winner in all of this is, is the monkey making the face at the rest of Canada. “I can’t believe you guys let me in on this…I gain everything and lose nothing…suckers”

Michaëlle Jean (Governor General) is the Ninja who is going to slice and dice things on Monday.  “alright…who wants some”

5 Responses to The Ottawa Zoo

  1. Bryan says:

    Name the leaders in the picture?

  2. Baoru says:

    Don’t recognize the monkeys. 😛

    So where do you blog?

  3. Bryan says:

    Blog from my office at school – Broadband expenses can be quite high if one lives alone, like myself.

  4. Sue Crosby says:

    I loved your blog! That’s the most concise, honest and downright understandable take on this situation that I’ve read!! And it made me laugh too which given the current mess is good. It really upsets me to think how much money we pay these bozos to govern our country. I’ll certainly think carefully about how I choose my next bunch of bananas!

  5. Bryan says:

    Kind of is a banana republic, isn’t it?

    Actually, I initially chose that image because it had the most cartoon monkeys I could find off google images..I didn’t realize until later today that there were actually 5 monkeys bearing some resemblance to the monkeys in Ottawa and thus the comparison.

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