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Holidays 2008

Some items of note from the past week of snowbounded holidays Crazy weather and cancelled flight nonesense Making it home via public housing on wheels (aka Greyhound Bus) Having first Christmas at home in 4 years Spending a lot of time at the ski cabin which now appears to have aquired satellite internet (at dial-up […]

Cool Nights

I look at photos like these, especially the ones from Tokyo and Moscow (by comparing them to my crappy shots)  and ask myself “Why?!! Why can’t I take night photos like these?  Insanely jealous. I found about two weeks ago and I place blame directly upon this website for my late AutoCAD site design.  […]

Japanese Alps – Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route – July 2008

I got a bit ahead of myself and posted Vladivostok photos out of sync.  I had a few more stops in Japan before I ferried over to mother Russia including a climb up Fuji and another in the Alps. I’m a big geek and I like to name my trips…for example, when I did Tibet […]

Vladivostok, Russia – July 2008

Not wanting to write papers or design massing concepts in AutoCAD, I thought I’d do the next best thing – add more photos. The roughest, toughest city in Asia. I spent a few days here after hopping off the ferry from Japan.  Really neat urban fabric and lots of restoration occuring throughout the city.  It’s […]

WordPress 2.7
WordPress 2.7

2.7 is finally out and I’m generally impressed so far. The interface feels a lot like the old MovableType cms that I used back in the day but without all of the usual MT nonesense.  I would say this release has a far heavier feel than the previous 2.6 series but in the good way […]

Super bad-ass maps
Super bad-ass maps

Strange Maps puts the cool back in mapping.  The premise pretty simple, if you don’t think maps are cool after browing some of these post, then it is fairly obvious that you are not very cool. Some one once laughed at me for putting ‘maps’ as an interest on my Facebook profile – ha!

Bryan Adams

I read about this in the Globe awhile back but had forgotten about it….I couldn’t find the original Globe article so I had to make do with celebrity news trash instead…either way. Bryan Adams has apparently called the police after being stalked by a mother and son. The singer has been hounded by the pair […]

CBC Radio

Arriving home last night at around 11:30 I flip on the radio… “Why is Randy on”?  It’s Friday already?….shit…it is Friday. So here I am on a chilly Friday night listening to Randy Bachman (yup, the BTO guy) strum away on his guitar while dishing out random factoids about about obscure music (I never would […]

The Ottawa Zoo
The Ottawa Zoo

I don’t have internet or television in my flat, but I do have CBC radio which has the nasty habit of broadcasting news updates every half-hour.  So, for the past several days I’ve been receiving great chunks of comedy every thirty minutes in the form of sound bites from Question Period at the Canadian Parliment. […]

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